In the news at the moment, there is a lot of information and discussion about Brexit – Britain’s vote to leave the European Union.

In this discussion, we have heard the opinions of lots of different politicians, businessmen and academics, but not very many ordinary people. 

We have not hear from anybody with a learning disability. 

As such, we decided to talk to the MLMC Champion’s group about their opinions on Brexit:

Like many people, one champion said that she was confused by all of the information and did not understand. 

Because of this, she did not vote. 

Many of the other champions wanted to remain in the EU because they are worried about the problems that might come from Brexit. 

These problems included troubles in Ireland, car companies leaving the UK, less money for social care and benefits, and younger people having to deal with the problems in the future

These Champions were also unhappy with politics in general at the moment. 

As Ben said, “politics is horrible, all they do is stab each other in the back”.

Although all most of the champions said they would prefer to remain in the EU, they did understand some of the worries people who voted to exit may have.

One champion said that his neighbour, who is Polish in origin, does not speak any English. 

This makes him sad because they could not have neighbourly conversations. 

He said that people who come to live in the UK should learn English, not because there is anything wrong with their race or language but because “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”. 

Most importantly, all of the champions were concerned by how difficult it is for people with learning disabilities to get their voices heard. 

Several members of the champions group did not vote, despite wanting to, because the paperwork and process to register to vote is not easy to manage.

All of the champions thought that the information about Brexit was too difficult for people to understand. 

As Ben said, “most politicians don’t understand it, that’s why we’re in the mess we’re in”.

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