My Life My Choice prides itself on being a user-led self-advocacy charity. This means that we are run by and for our members so all 15 of our trustees have learning disabilities.

This week is Trustees week so to celebrate we interviewed a few of our newly elected, trustees to find out how they feel about the job.

Louise was voted to be trustee this year, having been co-opted on by her peers last year. She said she felt “really excited and brilliant” when she found out that she was voted to be a trustee again. 

Louise really enjoys all the work she is able to do for My Life My Choice as a trustee and getting to make the important decisions. Sometimes she finds it hard to be a trustee because she cannot always get transport from her support staff to meetings, but she is hoping this will be easier when My Life My Choice moves to a new office.

Michael is the President of My Life My Choice having started the charity 20 years ago. He says, “Trustees make sure the charity runs properly, spend the money in the right way, protect the reputation of My Life My Choice and treat staff properly”. 

Michael thinks it is essential that all of our trustees have learning disabilities to make it work properly for people with learning disabilities.

Andy Law has also been a trustee for many years. He said “the charity is run by people with learning disabilities, we [the trustees] are the ones who make it work, make sure the staff understand disability and help the charity to grow, and make sure the money is working for people with learning disabilities in the right way. We make sure My Life My Choice is really a self-advocacy charity!”

Andy also said, “I like being a trustee to prove that people with a disability can do something; I’m not the kind of person who sits around doing nothing, I work to help the charity. Being a trustee inspires people and shows them what you can do as a person, and that we are more than our disabilities.”.

Ben was elected as co-chair of the trustees having never been a trustee before. Ben sees his job to be to “make sure the charity moves forward and is sustainable.” He said that is important to have trustees with learning disabilities because, “as an advocacy charity for people with learning disabilities it is only fair that people with learning disabilities run the charity” and that “I wouldn’t have joined this organisation if it were all run by able bodied people.” 

As a new trustee Ben is “looking forward to making My Life My Choice even better and making a difference, there are hundreds and thousands of people we can still help!”

You can find out who all our new trustees are here!

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