This week is national organ donation week.

In the UK around 6,000 people across the UK are waiting for an organ transplant and there are not enough organ donors to meet the demand. This means that people die because they cannot get the organs they need to save their lives - three people a day die in need of a transplant due to a shortage of people being willing to donate organs.

But you can help!

Organ donation means giving an organ to someone else who needs a transplant. It is a really important part of the British health system and a really great way to help other people even after you are gone.

There are three different ways to donate:
  1. Donation after brain death 
  2. Donation after circulatory death
  3. Living donation: Whilst you are still alive you can choose to donate certain organs such as a kidney. 

The first two types are the most common.

The NHS can only use your organs to help save lives if you consent to it while you are live. To do this you must join the NHS Organ Donor Register and should tell your family and friends that you have joined the register and want to be a donor so they can support your decision

Everyone can join the NHS Organ Donor Register regardless of age, as long as they are legally capable of making the decision, and live in the UK.

You can find out more about organ donation and join the NHS Organ Donor register toad by going to:

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