On 25th July MLMC member Katie Harrison complete an Animal First Aid Course run by the Hawthorn Vets in Banbury. 

This 2-hour first aid course taught participants how to perform basic first aid on a variety of animals including pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs, and wild animals such as foxes. Katie says that “I enjoyed it and learned a lot; we were learning things like how to check their pulse, how to check for heatstroke and how to check for injuries without making them uncomfortable”. 

Katie then later attended another session to show her how to do CPR on animals to revive them.

For completing the course, Katie received a certificate and a goodie-bag for her pet cat Brandy.

Brandy the cat

Katie says that she has “always loved animals” since she was a young child. Although initially her flat did not allow her to have a pet, Katie complained and was allowed to foster an animal through BARKS (Banbury Animal Rescue and Kindness Service).
Katie has had many pets over the years, including a Jack Russell Yorkshire Terrier called Fizz, several cats and kittens, a miniature schnauzer from the blue cross and, in recent years, several cats fostered through BARKS. 

The great thing about fostering through BARKS, Katie says, is that when you are fostering they will pay for the vet bills and will take responsibility for the pet if you can no longer look after it. All you have to do, therefore, is make sure the animal is loved, fed and watered. Katie says “I love fostering through BARKS”.

With her new first aid skills Katie is making sure to look after Brandy and has been checking for heatstroke in the recent heatwave. 

Well done Katie!

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