At My Life My Choice we’re all about people with a learning disability speaking up for themselves. So here are quotes from some of our self-advocacy group members, explaining the impact attending a group has had on their lives.

“It’s made me more confident, being aware of what is wrong and right, and making new friends.”

“Coming to the meetings has helped me make friends and helped me get out of the house.”

“I feel like I can talk to people. At the meetings I feel I can say what I want.”

“I meet many more people than I did before My Life My Choice. People are nice and chatty and this makes me feel happy.”

“I feel more confident since coming to the meetings. I love coming and feel safe here.”

“I go out to the cinema with my new friends I met at the group.”

“The meetings have made me more aware of my abilities.”

“I feel I can get my point across and that people understand me more.”

“I’ve learnt that I am not alone. A lot of people go through the same thing and there are people I can talk to and turn to.”

“I spoke to the Banbury Group for advice on the bedroom tax as I got into debt with it. But now I spoke up and moved to a one bedroom house.”

“I learnt to speak up for myself.”

“I learnt about hate crime which led to me applying to go on a ride along/walk along with the Thames Valley Police.”

“It has helped me feel more comfortable in learning to trust and respect people and adults.”

“I feel more confident and talk a lot more than I did before. At the meetings we talk about a lot of stuff we are interested in.”

“I have learnt to listen to others. I learnt how to keep safe. The visitor gave us a number to call when you want to report a hate crime.”

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