What is climate change?

The climate is changing because of what humans are doing.  

 The world is getting warmer 

This is causing changes in weather meaning more forest fires and floods.

The sea is rising so people and animals are losing their homes.

We need to stop this before it gets worse! 

 What We Can Do

Here are 15 top tips to help stop climate change! 

1. Walk or cycle places if you can

2. Use public transport instead of a car or taxi

3. Try to avoid travel by plane

4. Use reusable bags, bottles and cups.

5. Eat less meat

6. Only use a kettle to boil the water that you need

7. Use energy efficient light bulbs

8. Wash clothes at 30 degrees or lower

9. Try to mend things or buy second-hand rather than buying new things

10. Turn off electrical items when you aren’t using them

11. Recycle Rubbish 

12. Put a jumper on instead of turning the heating up

13. Plant trees and plants

14. Campaign for change

15. Spread the word

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