On Tuesday this week we went to the town hall for the first Oxford Living wage Awards. Here is what it is all about.

The Oxford Living Wage is a minimum amount of money that an employer can pay their employees to make sure they can afford to live in Oxford. 

Companies do not have to pay this much, but at My Life My Choice we think it is important to make sure all of our employees can afford to live well.

The idea is based on the Living Wage, an hourly pay rate which is calculated for the Living Wage Foundation.
The Living Wage Foundation sets two rates, one for London and one for the rest of the country.

However, because it is expensive to live in Oxford, Oxford City Council decided to create a living wage specifically for Oxford which is higher than the Living Wage.

It is set at 95 percent of the London Living Wage and, in April 2019 increased to £10.02 per hour.

Oxford City Council pays all of its employees the Oxford Living Wage and is trying to encourage more organisations to as well; this is why they made the Oxford Living wage award.

Councillor Martyn Rush, the Council’s Living Wage Champion, said:

 “The Oxford Living Wage helps our employees afford to live with dignity. It also helps the council by improving staff motivation and retention, enabling us to provide better customer service."

We are proud that My Life My Choice is one of the first 10 employers in Oxford to join the Council and pay everyone who works for us at east £10.02 per hour.

We were presented the certificate by Councillor Martyn Rush and the Lord Mayor.

Our trustee, Ben, said:

“For us, it’s all about equality, fairness and respect. Our staff our valued and one of the ways we show this is by paying them a decent wage”

Thanks to the Oxford City Council for setting up this award, we are really proud to promote the Oxford Living Wage. 

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