Our research team has worked on a variety of research projects, from historical to social projects.

Our research projects aim to improve the lives of people with learning disabilities, by changing people’s attitudes about people with learning disabilities and by getting people with learning disabilities involved in research that it is about them. 

The research projects aim to teach people with learning disabilities valuable research skills, and confidence and to uncover more about a section of society that has been overlooked.

Our latest research projects

Pioneers Project

In 2018, three of our members conducted research into people with learning disabilities from Oxfordshire in the First World War and the conditions that such people would have lived in during that period. Our members worked closely with Professor Lee Humber, a learning disability historian from the Ruskin College.

During their research they visited lots of important historical sites and archives . The research uncovered lots of new information about what life was like for people with learning disabilities who fought in the First World War. It even identified individual soldiers who were known to have learning disabilities in several regiments, including the Labour Corp.

DRILL Relationships

In early 2019 we finished our research about relationships among people with learning disabilities. We wanted to do this research because of how important relationships are for boosting happiness and self-esteem, and because they are often not allowed.  

The research team

We held focus groups at our self-advocacy groups, had interviews with people and carried out questionnaires to find out more of what their experiences are of sex and relationships for people with learning disabilities.

Dawn said it was “upsetting as we listen(ed) to some difficult experiences that made us think of our own pasts.”

But overall the researchers said how “proud and excited we are to be researchers” for this project and that they found it “amazing."

We have written our report and made videos about our research:

If you are interested in taking part in our research or want to find out more, let us know below.

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