Fundraising is a great way to raise money for My Life My Choice whilst doing something fun or challenging for yourself. 

There are many different ways you could fundraise for My Life My Choice, here are just a few...


Art Show - get your most creative friends together and organise an art show, you can even auction off the pieces to raise extra money.

Abseiling - Be brave and get sponsored to set yourself a great challenge.


Bingo - There's nothing more fun than a night of bingo, and you can do it all in the name of charity. Charge for tickets and ask around locally for donations you can give as prizes.

Bake Sale – heat up your oven and cook up some yummy treats to sell. Everyone loves a good cake!

Busking – Whether you’re an expert on the guitar or a menace on the recorder, music is a great way to raise money for a good cause. Just make sure you get permission from your local authority and the right licence. 


Christmas party – Become an event organising extraordinaire and plan the party of your dreams. 

Coffee morning – have a good natter over some coffee and cake while raising money for a good cause. 

Car boot sale – sell your unwanted things at a local car boot sale and de-clutter while supporting MLMC  


Disco – dance the night away and raise money at the same time. Charge guests for entry then strut your stuff on the dance floor.

Dinner Party – Show off what a great cook you are. Ask guests for a donation upfront, or send an envelope around at the end of the meal and ask for donations.


Easter Egg Hunt – Lay a trail of delicious treats and watch as both kids and adults eagerly search for those yummy chocolate eggs. 



Fancy Dress Day – dig out your wackiest clothes or put your glad rags on. Ask people for a donation to come into work, school, or anywhere else in fancy dress! 



Garden party – bring out the bunting and cupcakes for a fun summer fundraiser. Whether you host outdoor games or just do tea and cake outsides, a garden party is a sure way to have fun when the weather is nice. 



Halloween party – Get your spooky on and organise a night of Halloween themed fun. Carve some pumpkins, bob for apples and dress to impress. Ask your guests for a donation to enter and give them a night(mare) to remember.

Head Shave – Feeling bold? Get your friends and family to sponsor you to shave your head – you can even give your hair to charity for an added bonus


Indoor games evening – whether it’s monopoly, chess or Mario Kart, organise a fun evening with your friends and ask people for a small donation to play.


Jail Break – get sponsored to get as far away from Oxford as possible in 24 hours without spending any money. You can even take a bucket with you to raise extra-donations along the way.  


Karaoke night – all you need is a mic and some backing music and the karaoke is on! Charge for participation, run it as a competition or sell refreshments to raise money while having a fun night with friends.


Lottery -  sell tickets for the chance to win prizes – it’s that simple. Whether you ask around for great prizes or set aside money from the ticket sales, this is an easy way to raise money. 


Marathon (sponsored) – Dig out your running shoes and run a sponsored race to raise money for My Life My Choice. Whether you complete a full 26 mile marathon or a 5k we’d be proud to cheer you along!


Non-School Uniform day – ask for donations for people to come into school in their favourite clothes just for the day.


Open Mic night –  Bring along a mic and  music and ask for donations.

Office party – There are plenty of ways to incorporate fundraising into an office event, whether it's a coffee morning, a dress-down day or a job swap for the day!


Packing in Supermarkets – offering to pack people’s bags in the supermarket is a great way to raise money and help out many people along the way. 

Pancake party - Ask everyone to bring a donation and a topping of their choice, then treat everyone to as many pancakes as they can manage.

Quiz – show off your most obscure knowledge as you test your friends and raise money in the process.


Raffle – you can ask around for some great prizes then sell tickets to friends and family as an easy and fun way to raise money.


Summer fete – you can host many different stalls at a summer fete. Guess how many sweets in the jar, pick a lolly, or lucky dip; there are many easy ways to have fun in the sun and raise money.

Sponsored event –whether you are giving up your phone for a day or dunking in a bath of baked beans, get your friends and family to sponsor you and do something crazy!


Talent show – can you sing, dance, or do yo-yo tricks? Get friends, family and colleagues together for a talent show and raise money through ticket sales 

Treasure hunt – whether you have people hunting round the park for hidden treasures or buying squares on a map to guess where x marks the spot, treasure hunts are a great way to raise money. 


Unwanted Gifts Amnesty – after Christmas get your friends together and sell any unwanted gifts to raise money for My Life My Choice. 



Video games evening – a modern spin on the traditional games evening. Get your friends together and have fun in an evening of competitive, video gaming fun.


Wacky races – Snails, sheep, rubber ducks or toy cars. Organise a day at the races for friends and family, and raise money through entry fee, betting or refreshments. 

Walk – you could climb a mountain or walk together on a Sunday afternoon. Get sponsorship to walk a distance and get fit in the process. 


X-factor competition – you could run a singing competition or even just a night in watching X-factor with a sweepstake to raise money.


Yogathon - why not run your own yoga class and ask your pupils to contribute a small fee for taking part? 



Zumbathon - If you're feeling energetic and want a physical challenge that lots of people can take part in, this is a great way to raise sponsorship and do some healthy exercise together.

You can also raise money for us while you shop online at no additional cost to you, follow the links below to find out how: 

For more information or support in your fundraising efforts please contact Imogen on  [email protected] or call 01865 204214. 


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