We believe that people with a learning disability should never die before their time.

The 2019 Learning Disability Mortality Review (LeDeR) Report says men with a learning disability died 23 years earlier and women 27 years earlier than those without a learning disability.

This is for lots of reasons like:

1. People with a learning disability are more likely to have more than one health problem. 

2.  When a carer or health professional makes a mistake about why someone is ill. 

3. When people have to wait too long to see a doctor or nurse.

The covid-19 pandemic made the situation even worse. 

The Care Quality Commission has said that since June 2020, the death rate for people with a learning disability has more than doubled nationally.

'We Can’t Wait' is our campaign that will work to stop people with a learning disability from dying early. 

We are doing this by asking for people with a learning disability to be put higher up on NHS waiting lists.

Our Health Ambassadors and Champions want to stop delays in health appointments that can be a matter of life and death.

In order to do this, at the moment we are: 

1. Going to key social care and health meetings to talk to professionals about the “We Can’t Wait” campaign.

2. Meeting with other self-advocacy groups in our region to get their support and hear their experiences of waiting for healthcare.

3. Finding out more about projects in the South West of England where people with a learning disability are already being prioritised on waiting lists.

Join us in the fight to end the early deaths of people with a learning disability by sharing your stories of waiting for hospital treatments with James at [email protected] or by calling 01865 204214.

And show your support by reading and signing our 'We Can't Wait' letter

Thank you to the National Lottery for funding this project.

I support MLMC's 'We Can't Wait' letter

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