There is going to be a General Election on Thursday, 12 December

A General Election is when we vote for someone to be our Member of Parliament (MP)

Members of Parliament (MPs) are people who:
•    Make laws
•    Speak up for their local area
•    Check that the Government is working properly

MPs are in different political parties, like the Conservative Party, the Labour Party, the Liberal Democrats, the Scottish National Party and others.

The party with largest number of MPs will form the next Government.

We have made an Easy Read Guide to help you vote in this election which you can read here! 

Who to vote for

Who you want to vote for is your choice. 

No-one else can tell you who to vote for. 

When deciding who to vote for, you should think about what the party says it will do and what matters to you.                      


There are lots of big issues that matter in this election such as Brexit but it is important to think about other things, such as the NHS or care as well.  

Here are the main parties and their manifestos: 

The Conservative Party

Their easy read manifesto is here.  

The Labour Party

Their accessible manifestos are here. 

The Liberal Democratic Party

Their easy Read manifesto is here

The Green Party

Their Easy Read Manifesto is here

The Brexit Party 

Their manifesto is here

You can also read the Easy Read Manifestos created by United Response here. 

How to vote

There are a couple of different ways to vote.

All of these are explained in detail in our election guide.

The most common way to vote is in person at a polling station.

You can find where your polling station is on the 'polling card' that will be sent to you once you have registered to vote.

On the 12th December, go to this polling station and register at the front desk.

They will give you your voting slip which you mark with who you want to vote for then put in the voting box. 

Help Voting 

If you have any special requirements or are worried about voting, you can use the Voting Passport created by Dimensions.

Download here!

This is a simple form that you print off and fill in before you go to the polling station. 

When you go to vote, take your voting passport with you and show it to the person on the desk, it tells them what support you need so that they can help you vote.

If you are unsure about how to vote or have any problems, you can contact your local Electoral Registration Office here.







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