Wednesday 23rd March 2022 was the day of our Youth Festival.

We invited our young members from across Oxfordshire to our festival.

They learned from each other and celebrated themselves and their communities!

Brad and Lisa started the festival off with a workshop about disability and pride.

Brad told us that pride is about being proud of yourself, something you do or your community.

He also told us pride is all about self-love.

The young members were asked what they're proud of doing.

- One member said that they're proud of passing their Maths exam

- Another member was excited and shared that they've raised over £10,000 for a local charity!

Brad explained to the group that flags are a great way of loving yourself and your community.

Lisa showed the members the disability pride flag.

They young members did not seen this flag before. They said that this flag doesn't represent them.

And do each youth group was asked to create a flag that represented themselves and their youth group.

This is Witney Life Skills college group's flag.

This is Witney Pathways College group's flag.

Abingdon Pathways Year 1 College group's flag.

The following workshop was about the importance of taking care of the environment. 

Ady led this workshop.

Each young person was asked to make a promise of what they will do to help the environment.

They were asked to put this on a promise leaf.

Ady explained the importance of us to work together when helping the environment.

The young members put their promise leaves onto the tree.

Witney Life Skills College group led the final workshop about mental health.

One of the students in this group, Katie, led a group exercise session.

The young members were asked about some advice to stay positive when times get tough.

They responded with Hakuna Matata, have no worries and take it easy.

were also asked to sing and dance along to Hakuna Matata.

Nearing the end of the festival, awards were given to some of the young people to recognise their hard work and contributions over the last few years.

There was a Stingray Nightclub session at the end of the festival where young members, facilitators and teachers had a dance.

Many of the young members said how excited they were to come together and celebrate their and their peer's achievements.

They said they hope that we do something like this again soon.

This event was made possible with the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, #iwill and the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.

The workshop on disability and pride was made possible with the Shout Out Loud and the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

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