Hello, my name is Ben McCay and I am the Co-Chair of Trustees at My Life My Choice.

The News

I am announcing that My Life My Choice (MLMC) has formally withdrawn from NHS England's Care and Treatment Review (CTR) programme.

My fellow charity trustees and I think that the CTR programme is an expensive programme, delivering little positive change and we no longer want any part of it.

We will transfer our efforts to our ongoing campaign work for meaningful and positive change for those locked away.

The Background

In 2011, there was a BBC One programme which highlighted the abuse of people with a learning disability at a place called Winterbourne View.

CTRs came about in 2015 mainly because of Winterbourne View and other cases of abuse and poor care that people experienced in residential hospitals.

CTRs were meant to be a key part of getting people with a learning disability out of residential hospitals.

Wanting to be part of the solution, in 2015, MLMC joined the CTR programme.

Our members worked as part of the review teams which were supposed to transform the care of people with learning disabilities in residential hospitals.

Some 11 years after the Winterbourne View scandal there has been little progress in reducing the numbers of people locked away in these hospitals.

Abuse and poor care continue. The Whorlton Hall scandal in 2019 and Eldertree Lodge in 2021 are just two more sickening examples.


As part of the CTR programme we take some responsibility for its failure. We apologise that we were not able to have greater influence.

We ask that others involved in the CTR programme seriously consider their continued involvement.

Specifically, we ask our friends and peers in the self-advocacy movement to re-consider their involvement.

We ask local authorities, NHS England, and CQC to use their power and influence to end the abuse and poor treatment of our fellow citizens now.

Stop wasting millions of pounds on a failing programme and spend it on high quality community care.

Enough is enough.

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