Our Computer Buddies Coordinator, Sophie, spoke to some of our members about their computers and why getting online is important to them.

She asked our members what they thought ‘Digital Inclusion’ meant, but a lot of people were not sure.

What is Digital Inclusion?

It means that everyone has the skills to use a device

That everyone has access to the internet.

And that the device and internet is accessible, meaning websites could be in easy read.

What device do you use?

Paul said  ‘I use my laptop, phone and games console.’

Leslie says he uses ‘my laptop, tablet, phone, and watch!’ 

What do you use your device for?

Ady said he likes to use his device ‘for Facebook messenger, email, phone calls, meetings and games.'

Charlene said ‘I use my laptop to talk to people on Facebook, read my emails and go on Zoom.’

What is good about having a device?

Pam excitedly said ‘I can get onto online meetings for work. I didn’t know how to do this before!’

Paul explained, ‘it’s good for connecting with friends and checking in with what people are doing.'

Anup agreed and added, ‘I like that I can go on my laptop when I want to go on it’, ‘It makes me feel happy.’

Why is it important for people with a learning disability to have access to a device?

Leslie explained, it's ‘because we can use websites to find things out for ourselves which makes me feel important.’

Anup added, ‘so we can keep in touch with people.’

Jeremy said merrily, it feels great when I send my own emails because I’m achieving new things.’

What do you think could be better about the internet?

Charlene described, 'it could be easier. Websites could be in Easy Read.'

Pam stated that 'lots of websites aren’t accessible, like the NHS England website. This could be better.'

Anup thought that it's important to have a ‘better internet connection so I don’t have to use up my mobile data.'

Thank you to all our members for your contributions to this blog.

If you would like a device or computer support, please contact Sophie at [email protected] or call 01865 204214.

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