Here is an open letter from the MLMC trustees to Dr Nick Broughton, following the HSE sentencing at Oxford Crown Court earlier this week.

You can also download an easy read version of this letter.

Dear Dr Broughton,

I enclose a letter our charity sent to Tim Smart, the then Chair of Southern Health, on 7 September 2016.

At that time our charity members felt very let down by Southern Health.

This month, eleven of our charity trustees with learning disabilities attended the three days of the HSE hearing at Oxford Crown Court.

Given the events at the hearing our charity trustees want to let you know what they think of Southern Health’s recent behaviour.

We were very impressed that Southern Health admitted all of the charges put forward by the prosecution.

We were very impressed with the thought and consideration shown to Sara Ryan and her family.

We were very impressed with your statement to the press.

We were very impressed about your efforts to “put things right” at Southern Health.

Thank you for showing some honest, decent, and very effective leadership.

Perhaps if your predecessors had treated patient safety as seriously as you then lives would have been saved. 

Perhaps if your predecessors had been as honest and decent as you then Sara Ryan and her family would not have been put through five years of distress.

Perhaps if your predecessors had been as effective in leadership as you then millions of pounds would not have been wasted on court cases and fines.

We think that Nye Bevan would like the way you are trying to improve care at Southern Health.

We hope that you continue with the good work and turn Southern Health into an organisation that the NHS can be proud of.

Kind regards,

Andy Law
Co-chair of trustees, My Life My Choice

(Supported to write this letter by Charity Coordinator Bryan Michell.)

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