Last week many of our self-advocacy groups visited the Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service to learn about keeping safe.

The Power Up team organised the visits with Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue because it was Wellness Week.

We’d like to say a massive thank you to Pete, Jake, Anthony and others for hosting us. We definitely learnt a lot!

Crossing the road safely

When we first arrived, we learnt about road safety and practiced crossing the road. We learnt that you should continue to turn your head and look both ways, even while you are crossing. It’s also a good idea not to cross between parked cars, because they can stop you seeing traffic properly.

Looking inside a fire engine.

After that we went inside to see the Fire Engines. Pete explained that they were “massive toolkits” – a way of carrying everything that people might need to put out a fire or rescue somebody.

Talking about hazards in a kitchen.

We also learnt about safety in the home, and practiced making a 999 call about a fire, and also about safety by a railway, and practiced making a 999 call to explain that we found somebody injured on the tracks. 

Kevin practices making a 999 call

Then we talked about what to do if we found somebody who needed an ambulance, and practiced putting them in the recovery position, before ending the day with a presentation reminding us about what we had found out.

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