We asked some of our members what their hopes, wishes and goals were for 2021. This is what they said.

Dean said his wish is to “get back on the buses again.” When asked why he said, “Because I love travelling on buses and I love being a Travel Buddy for My Life My Choice.”

Gina (a Consultant and cleans the office) wishes that everyone comes back to the office and makes a mess so that she has a good mess to clean up!

Katie wishes to “get fit and healthy. I think Brandy, my cat, wishes to do the same.”

Paul plans to do more work at My Life My Choice and help our members. He wants to make sure everyone with a learning disability gets the COVID-19 vaccine.

Jackie’s goal for 2021 is to get out of the house as much as she can to get some fresh air.

Shaun hopes to come back to the office and see everyone; “I want to give a hug to the people I haven’t seen in a long time.”

Dawn wishes to get back to doing fun things, “I want to meet up with my friends and do some bowling, play bingo, go to the theatre and have drinks at the pub.”

What are your hopes, wishes, or goals for 2021?

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