Hi, my name is Ben. I am the Co-Chair of Trustees at My Life My Choice.

I was asked to come onto the Leaders Council podcast.

The podcast is for business leaders, politicians and other influential figures to talk what it is like to be a leader.

I feel happy to have been asked to come on the podcast, I felt like I have been recognised for my leadership ability.

When I was on the podcast, I spoke about what it’s like to lead My Life My Choice during COVID-19.

I talked about how COVID-19 has changed everything for us.

We had to close all our in-person projects. 

We knew we couldn’t suspend our services forever and after we spoke to our members, we knew what we needed to do.

I chatted about our coronavirus service. I said we’ve supported our members with biweekly mailouts, the Coronavirus helpline and the Phone Buddies project. 

I stated how important computers have been.

We’ve given our members laptops so they can get online, continue paid work and join their self-advocacy groups.

And how recently, we set up the Computer Buddies project to help even more people get online.

I spoke about how vocal I’ve been during COVID-19. I’ve been in the news three times, speaking about how people with learning disabilities have been forgotten during COVID-19.

I ended my podcast with a message to leaders and future leaders: “Be resilient, this will end, and we can get through this.”

You can listen to the podcast on the Leaders Council website.

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