Friday 5th June is World Environment Day.

It is a day about encouraging everyone to take care of the environment.

The environment is important.

The environment is everything we know.

It is the people, animals, land, sea and plants we see around us.

It is very important to take care of it because it will affect us, the next generation and further generations.

It can be easy to help the environment and planet.

As individuals, you can …

1. Eat less meat,

2. Recycle your rubbish,

3. Turn off electrical items when you aren't using them,

4. Use public transport instead of a car of taxi.

Organisations can help the planet too, they can…

1. Use energy efficient light bulbs,

2. Turn off lights and other electrical items when we are not using them,

3. Try to mend things or buy second-hand rather than buying new things,

4. Use less water.

At My Life My Choice we’ve been working hard to develop our own Climate Change Policy.


Here's our Easy Read Guide about Climate Change.

We've also written Easy Read; The Science Behind Climate Change.

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