Hi! I’m Ed, I work for My Life My Choice as a Power Up Officer.

It’s my job to organise all the Care and Treatment Reviews that we do. 

We call them CTRs for short.

 They are a meeting to visit somebody in a hospital and make sure they are getting good care.

Who does CTRS?

 There are always three people who sit on the panel for a CTR.


There is someone from the local area who acts as the Chair.

Sometimes they work for the NHS and sometimes they are independent.

There is a learning disabilities nurse who acts as an independent medical expert. 

They are called a Clinical Reviewer.

Finally, there is a person with a learning disability who acts as an Expert by Experience.

My Life My Choice’s Experts by Experience for CTRs are Shaun, Dawn, Pam and Katie.

What Happens at a CTR?

The CTR starts with the Chair telling the panel about the patient.

The panel looks at the patient’s paperwork, like care plans and medicine reports. 

They make sure it is all there and in date.

If they have had a CTR before, the panel looks at that as well.

They meet with the patient and ask them questions.

Sometimes the patient’s family and friends are there as well.

They make sure the patient is happy and being well looked after at the hospital.

Sometimes the Expert by Experience will join the patient on a tour of the ward.

Later, the panel meets with the professionals who look after the patient.

These can be doctors, ward nurses, therapists, psychologists, social workers and advocates.

The panel asks them questions such as whether the patient could leave hospital.

The professionals leave the room and the panel talk about what they want to go in the report.

The report answers questions like:
  -  Does the patient need to be in hospital?
  -  Are they involved in their care and treatment?
  -  Are they being given the right medicine?
  -  Are their rights being respected?

The panel talk about how urgently the actions need to be done and who needs to do them.

Then they tell the professionals what they have put in the report and then the CTR is over. 

Why are CTRs important?

CTRs can be hard and upsetting. Sometimes patients are treated very badly in hospital.

Sometimes the story of the patient’s life is very sad.

But, CTRs are very important because they give people a chance to get out of hospital if they do not need to be there.

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