We’ve been helping NHS England with Care and Treatment Reviews for a couple of years, so thought it was time to tell you what they are all about.

Care and Treatment Reviews (or CTRs) are for people with learning disabilities and/or autism who are in hospital because people have found their behaviour to be “challenging”. They are aimed at stopping people getting stuck in the system.

A CTR is a meeting to find out if somebody’s care can be made better. Sometimes they decide that somebody should not be in hospital at all!

The meetings include everybody who is involved in somebody’s care – this could include a doctor, nurse, psychiatrist, social worker or others – and also two “experts by experience” – that’s us! Experts by experience are people who have a learning disability or a family carer of somebody with a learning disability. The second expert by experience is somebody who works in health but has not helped to care for the person being reviewed.

Paul Scarrott explains what it is like to be an expert by experience on a CTR.

“You have to ask all kinds of questions like, ‘What good care are they getting?’, ‘Do they communicate well with staff?’, ‘Why are they in the unit?’ and ‘How much are their family involved in decisions about their care?’

“You look at all the paperwork and build a picture of somebody’s life. Then you can meet the person and ask them questions. I often get different responses to the professionals. Some people don’t trust professionals but will speak to me because I’m on the same level, and I talk to them in a way that they understand.”

“You have to keep an open mind. Sometimes it is a bit emotional – you can hear some upsetting things. With one person, I was still thinking about him when I got home.”

“I do CTRs to help people to get the best treatment and to live a good life.”

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